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“The biggest danger, that of losing oneself, can pass off in the world as quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss, an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc is bound to be noticed.” S. Kierkegaard

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Using Debian…

It has been some years ago when I started my relationship with Debian distribution. I must say that the first moments were painful and not very pleasant. However, after the first traumatic date I decided to give a second chance, with a little help of my friends. The outcome is that now I am one of them, Debian user. I have installed it in several machines and I think that one of the fews ones that it is using this distro without being a top class hacker. I mean, that I don’t enjoy especially to compile the kernel to make my browser works.

Obviously the distro is not meant for the average user. It requires some knowledge and some patience, but once you have passed this stage you enjoy a bunch of good software.

I am trying to use the end user perspective here. I have been using Microsoft products, from DOS to Windows XP (I have not touched Vista yet, and my goal is to do it as late as possible) and the pain has been the dominant feeling. Using Debian, it is not a roses path but what I like most it is the feeling of freedom, that I can almost do whatever I want with barely any restriction, and it is up to me how deep I want to go…

That leads me to the question why open source OS don’t take off, being clearly technically superior and with smoother user experience with distros as Ubuntu. I think that there is no one-single factor answer, but some of them are the fake feeling of being in your own. Buying software from multinational X, it gives you the feeling that you have a place to complain and to unload your frustration, with open source that figure does not exist. Other factor that I can imagine it is the human and natural laziness and fear to freedom of human beings. We are scarce to have the power over the things we use. We tend to rely on others. It is easier to buy something and complain later about it, that to try to learn and to understand how it really works.

I know that there are rivers of ink written about this, but I am just rambling…

First Post

First, my nickname Ibane, I don’t know what it means, I have not done the cross-checking with all possible languages so I guess it has very singular meanings but I don’t really care. I just saw it and I liked it. The election was based on pure aesthetic, so there is no deep meaning or anything like that.

Lately I am getting deeper and deeper into the open source. My drivers are:

1.- Personal: I have very good relationships with people involved there and they have been the ones to drag me in this new world.

2.- Technical superiority to proprietary software, in most of the cases.

3.- The feeling of freedom that you can breathe there.

I think that Open Source, in general, is  a slap in the face to the current tendency to provide bad quality products to the consumer just because the driver is to get out something quick with the maximum profit without paying attention to quality.

I will go deeper as soon as I am getting better understanding.