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“The biggest danger, that of losing oneself, can pass off in the world as quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss, an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc is bound to be noticed.” S. Kierkegaard

Archive for April, 2008

Critical spirit

Nowadays the conformism is spread and it seems that the only option that is left is to swallow and to take things as they are. It is really ok to demand more from our governments, corporations, institutions, agencies,…we have the right to demand since we observe laws as citizens. We don’t have to accept dramas like Darfur, just to mention one, we can say loudly that we demand solutions from people who are responsible for this.

I will not take that attitude “There is not much to do, things are like this” 

Leaving Facebook…

I did it, I quit facebook. I embraced this social network, Web 2.0 applicaiton or whatever you want to name it almost a year ago. At the beginning I was very enthusiastic about it, I liked very much the idea to get back some contacts that I had lost along my life and to know about them. Also I found interesting the possibility to share ideas, curiosities, knowledge,…with my friends…finding out what books, films, attended events…but lately I got tired and bored of all this ads, and this feeling that behind any interesting application there was something behind that they want to sell to you, and you need to become as active member of the marketing campaign of the application to enjoy it. I guess, I am asking too much, a real social network, where you really share and you don’t become a target for greedy marketing managers.

So by now, I am done with Facebook…not permanently because all we know hot easy is that…

Shameful poverty

Last night I watched a documentary about the living conditions of the immigrants in the South of Spain. The documentary was not very dramatic and it was even trying to show the kind face of the problem. The documentary was about a group of immigrants from Mali, working most of them without any agreement or rights, living in the street without a proper shelter and things like shower were a dream for them. I have not gone very deep in my analysis of the shame I felt when I saw that in our civilized Europe we allow to live human beings in that conditions. But some questions came up straight to my mind: What for are we paying the taxes and how is this money spent? what are the roles of the more 700 members of the European Parliament?and about the national members? If I need to donate money to some non-profit organization in order to calm my European mind, therefore where is the tax money going. I don’t want to embrace the theory that less taxes, the better…I just want to demand that my money is spent efficiently and on the things that really matter to me, and I can not think about other problem with higher priority as long as there are human beings living in that conditions, but as I said I have not thought deeply and I am sure that some politician will have a very sensible explanation…and I have not studied in the London School of Economics, so therefore I will give some money to one of the 3 millions of non-profit organizations to be able to sleep.