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“The biggest danger, that of losing oneself, can pass off in the world as quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss, an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc is bound to be noticed.” S. Kierkegaard

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Boring Caos Calmo

I had the misfortune to watch the Italian film “Caos Calmo”. I was encouraged by the good reviews that some brainy film critics gave to the film. I wonder if it would not be better that some critics said in the headline which studio is paying their salaries (at least, the ones from my dear Spain, they did the same thing with the last Indiana Jones, I have read in some prestigious Spanish newspaper, the best Indiana ever!?). Otherwise I can not understand how some one can claim that this film is the one that will bring the re-birth of Italian films. If this is the re-birth, I foresee a not very long life to the Italian film industry.

Despite of having one of the best assets, Nanni Moretti, here only his contribution is as an actor, the film has no sense from the beginning. The acting is depressing, the little girl is annoying, the conversations are absurd, even the soundtrack, though having good songs, does not match at all with the pace of the film. Even the sex scene, which obviously has had the expected outrageous reaction of the Vatican (the best marketing campaign you can have as a intellectual European leftist film maker, some comments from Vatican), is pathetic and for that, I really prefer to watch the professionals. I am not sure yet if Roman Polanski’s appearance is irrelevant or boring. After suffering every single minute of the 105 that this torture lasts I was wondering if I could say something good about this film. Not really.

So if you have some one or some annoying relative that you want to get rid of please recommend them this film. It will take a while until they forgive you and speak to you back.


Lately I have observed a worrying trend in our society and it is that no one wants to assume the responsibilities of their actions. As an example, in the country where I am from, the funny Spain, a group of property developers were asking help from the Spanish Government since the housing market is clearly in a backward movement and sales and profits are sinking. This same people, some years ago, when the housing market was so hot that they could sell a match box as an apartment with views to nowhere, I don’t recall them asking help from the Government how to share the disgustingly huge profits or how to cool down the market in order to let young people accessing to a decent living. So the message is, when things are beautiful and I am fine, everything for me, but when things get nasty then someone else please pay the bill.

This was only one example, you don’t need to go the housing market, you can find these examples in your daily life, friends, relatives, colleagues,…that they have done some action where they have screwed up and now they try that someone else pays the consequences. This phenomenon is for me another sign of this childishization (sorry for the word, it is a vulgar and literal translation from Spanish and the word I took it from my admired writer Javier Marias, infantilizacion) of the society.